Annix - Tunnel Vision

Annix - Tunnel Vision

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1: Annix & Kanine - Jackpot (Annix Remix)
2: Annix - Head Shot
3: Annix - Boomerang
4: Annix - Fever feat. Maksim MC
5: Annix - Behind Time
6: Annix - Hallucinate
7: Annix & Simula - Darkness
8: Annix & K Motionz - Stutter
9: Annix - Regenerator
10: Annix & Skantia - Clapper
11: Annix - Tunnel Vision
12: Annix - Millionaire (2020 Remix)

Cheltenham-based producers and DJs, artists A​nnix ​have risen through the Playaz ranks to become breakout stars, amassing millions of streams since the New Year and claiming number one with single ‘Head Shot’. Over the years, the pair have been championed for their continued contributions to drum n’ bass as a whole for their fierce production wizardry.

“​The name Tunnel Vision comes from a realisation and focus on what Annix is as a sound. It’s a snapshot of where we are as producers in 2020.”​ - Mike Leeder Mike and Scott, respectively Decimal Bass and Konichi have massively evolved ever since joining forces as Annix back in 2013. Their high-energy and sonically charged sounds fill a rich back catalogue of work that has no doubt left a mark on dancefloor music forever. The culmination of effort, continuous growth and experimentation behind the mind of each producer has resulted in the beautiful masterpiece that is ​Tunnel Vision.​

Opening up with a massive remix of Annix & Kanine’s ​‘Jackpot’ ​from Annix, serves as a powerful punch with a new and updated twist. The title track ​‘Tunnel Vision’ ​offers a contrasting vibe, drenched in straight up 4x4 Bassline energy. ​‘Fever’ ​with vocal collaborator, Maksim, ​vibrates your mind while 'Darkness' with ​Simula​ brings another hard-hitting synth laced dancefloor stunner.

Joined on the album by K-Motionz and Skantia, we are treated to more than a few epic unions. Through the album, Annix explores alternative time signatures, like on the funky and unexpected ​‘Restricted’.

From the dark and militant ​‘Regenerator’​, to the alluring vibes on ​‘Crazy’ ​through to the mind melting ​ 'Hallucinate,’​ Annix have outdone themselves on the ‘Tunnel Vision’ LP for Playaz.