About Us

When True Playaz were first formed nigh on two decades ago, it was never thought that they would turn into a Drum and Bass institution helping to pioneer the genre and deliver high quality music to the Junglist massive. DJ Hype, Pascal and Zinc were able to create an outlet to release timeless classics that have been on constant rotation since 1996 and influenced some of the most prolific producers of today.
Notable for releases such as Peace, Love & Unity, 138 Trek, True Playaz Anthem and the iconic Super Sharp Shooter, True Playaz tracks can be found in the collection of any self respecting DJ’s record box.

After ten years of True Playaz and an amicable departure from Zinc, Hype and Pascal re launched their empire in 2006 as Real Playaz with the accompanying Playaz Recordings as the release outlet. The names had changed but the essence and ethos of the label remained, constantly producing their trademark style of Drum and Bass and reinforcing their position as one of the biggest labels in the industry.
And with this they introduced a new generation of producers who’ve dominated the airwaves since and captured a new audience with their contemporary sounds. Hype and Pascal remain the heads of this musical institution but have a new agency of accomplished artists representing the Real Playaz wherever they go.

As well as long time soldiers DJ Hazard and Potential Badboy, Original Sin, Taxman, Jaydan, Crystal Clear, Sub Zero and Prolix continue to fly the Playaz flag in full view for all to see. Under the umbrella of Playaz Recordings, tracks are also released on sub labels Ganja and Liq-Weed and it was through these outlets that Hype and Pascal were able to first discover Belgian producer Netsky.

With years of production under their belts and immeasurable talent, the Playaz crew are responsible for dynamic dance floor smashers such as Mr Happy, Machete, Therapy, Original Ninja and Move to name but a small few, timeless masterpieces that still prevail in set listings across the spectrum.
For five years the Playaz Nights were hosted by legendary London nightclub, The End before Hype and Pascal relocated their label showcase to the internationally renowned Fabric. In 2010 Playaz celebrated a whole decade of consistently show stopping performances at one of London’s most infamous venues and the last Friday of every month continues to see this award winning night take place, with fans from all over the world travelling to the capital.

With plans to tour Playaz Nights all over the world and more high quality releases expected in 2012, this army of stalwart producers don’t intend on slowing down any time soon.

For real Drum and Bass, remember to keep it Playaz.

Joanna Ranson