DJ Limited

After his smashing debut on Playaz Recordings back in 2015 with the chart-dominating "Time Traveller" (alongside Sub Zero), DJ Limited has since paid his dues with a trailblazing body of work for an array of notable labels.

Refining his sound over the years, DJ Limited went on to release “Can’t Go To Sleep” in collaboration with Sub Zero following their acclaimed EP, The Vibrations. Easily standing out from the rest with his sought-after production style, Billy Smith, aka DJ Limited has earned himself a reputation for his distinct and forward-thinking contributions to drum and bass music.

Since 2006 DJ Hype & Pascal have nurtured a new generation by way of the ever-evolving iconic Playaz imprint. Having shaped the past and created a standard for the present, Playaz Recordings welcomes the future leaders of drum and bass with their latest exclusive signing, DJ Limited.