The Sauce

In cooking, sauces are used to add flavour, moisture, and visual appeal. The word sauce is also used to describe style, fashion, confidence or swag. It can relate to alcohol or other intoxicating substances and also to being provocative, cheeky, rude or impertinent.

Dlr, Spinback (Total Science) & Hydro have been super busy cooking up some sauciness for your platter. Each brings their own distinctive styles and tastes to the table along with an incredible combined wealth of culinary experience. The Sauce is here to spice up your dance ! A firm favourite, this uniquely distinctive flavour is the result of years of dedication to sourcing the highest quality ingredients and using closely guarded secret recipes.
Developed in Bristol and flavoured by this city’s musical heritage, The Sauce is a tasty balance of fun, energy and character, drippin’ bass all
over the place.

- The first taste of The Sauce was their massive remix of ‘Nosher’, the iconic Total Science anthem on C.I.A. Records. This has been getting smashed everywhere since May this year, including all the major festivals and extensive radio play on BBC Radio1 & 1Xtra. It was a Beatport favourite and stayed high in the charts for many months.

- Next up was their debut release for Dlr’s label, Sofa Sound Bristol - out on 11th October, 2019. ‘Mr Robot’ ft. Aioli / ‘The Click’. Both tracks have been getting heavy DJ support across the scene from names such as Calyx & Teebee, DJ Marky, Break, Skeptical, Bryan G, Alix Perez.

- Towards the end of 2019 they will be launching The Sauce Recordings, a label to fully represent their sound. It will start with two of their most requested tracks, ‘The Sauce’ & ‘Untouchable’ and followed up with all sorts of tasty treats!

- The Sauce have also been confirmed for a release on Serum’s Souped Up Label and will play at various label events.