Annix - Inception

Annix - Inception

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1: Annix - Inception
2: Konichi - Silent E
3: Decimal Bass - Dronezone
4: Konichi - Field of Vibrations
5: Konichi - Blood
6: Annix - Out the Pack feat. Mondeya
7: Decimal Bass - XTC
8: Annix - Hectic
9: Annix - Snapstop
10: Decimal Bass - Unwritten Rules
11: Konichi - Machine & Key
12: Decimal Bass - Without You
13: Konichi - Hotrocks
14: Decimal Bass - Only One
15: Annix - Gold Chains

Includes Exclusive Free Bonus Track
16: Annix - Twist

There's alot of buzz around the new Annix album at Playaz HQ. Not so much an artist album but more of an introduction to them signing exclusively to Playaz and a compilation showcasing the different styles in which they write.The album showcases both solo work from Konichi and Decimal Bass as well as together as Annix. Their work is so prolific that the chances of them releasing a single are very slim however there are talks of artist solo albums coming next year.

Title track 'Inception' is one for the Halloween raves - with its spooky, delicate vocals and slick production - and Konichi's 'Silent E' is dark and heavy. Decimal Bass' 'Dronezone' has been caned by Hype, Hazard and Noisia and 'Field of Vibrations' brings some seriously twisted sounds - and vibrations we're sure they didn't find in Ann Summers!

Annix's 'Out the Pack' is a runaway rampage of a track and XTC follows up with dangerous heart-pounding beats before the more stripped back 'Hectic' - with its cool horns and dope vocals - gives the dancefloor a chance to catch its breath.

Annix's 'Unwritten Rules' throws the rulebook out of the window so 'proceed with caution', this one is highly addictive! Bringing this album to a close, 'Without You' has an eerie, beautiful piano sound and final track 'Gold Chains' is 24 carat quality, really showcasing the skills and diversity of Annix: this duo have proven themselves rising stars and their future looks supersonic.