Annix - Work it Out EP

Annix - Work it Out EP

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1: Annix - Work it Out
2: Konichi - Too Late
3: Decimal Bass - England
4: Annix - 97 Track
5: Decimal Bass - Battle Station (VIP)
6: Konichi - Those Days

Includes Exclusive Free Bonus Track
7: Annix - Acid Scavenger

Hype and Pascal present the latest EP from Annix titled 'Work it Out'. The Cheltenham duo need no introduction and luckily for us they seem to be favouring including tracks from Konichi and Decimal Bass individually as well as collectively on releases - a double bubble of treats for fans!

Title track 'Work it Out' went down a storm in their set at Inno Spring Break - it's a sick tune with an amazing bongo sound - and Konichi's 'Too Late' follows fast paced and hot on its heels.

Decimal Bass gets all patriotic with 'England'; a volcanic explosion of bass in one crazy tune and then there's Annix' super melodic, super catchy '97 Track'.

Rockwell gave Decimal Bass 'Battle Station VIP' some love last week when he was in for Friction - and this EP rounds off with the ethereal and beautiful 'Those Days' from Konichi.

Annix are playing out all over the UK and Europe at the moment: so if you think you've worked 'em out, be sure to check 'em out live as well!