Taxman - My House / Thr33

Taxman - My House / Thr33

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1: Taxman - My House

2: Taxman - Thr33

Includes Exclusive Free Bonus Track
3: Taxman - Filth Funk

Having signed up with DJ Hype & Pascal's label empire more than half a decade ago, Taxman's crafted his share of drum & bass dance floor anthems since his first forays into producing.

From 'Scan Darker' to 'Too Bad', Taxman has a knack for pulling out immense slices of D&B that don't fail to demolish the biggest of raves and the drum & bass elite are constantly lining up to drop his devastating dubs in their sets.

And while some producers of dance floor pleasing drum & bass can be accused of sticking to the same old formulas, Taxman's proven time and again that he can straddle the line between big tunes that fit neatly into the aforementioned A-list DJs' sets and keeping an ear for original music that soaks up a myriad of influences.

So, with that in mind, it's no surprise that 'My House' is both a chunky rave smasher and refreshingly different in its approach. Opening with simple synth stabs, warm pads and skipping half-time beats, you'd be forgiven for expecting a cheesy radio track to emerge, but instead you're treated to an amalgamation of intense electro-house inspired musicality mashed together with familiar D&B sounds.

On the flip Taxman takes it to triplet town on the cheekily titled 'THR33'. Bouncing synth pulses keep the whole track moving gently before Taxman's deep subs drop into the mix. Sweeping pads lend the track an epic feel and it's not long before you're entirely hypnotised with its screeching sound FX and mesmerising rhythms.