Taxman - Synthetic Visions

Taxman - Synthetic Visions

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1: Taxman - All for Nothing feat. Diane Charlemagne
2: Taxman - Falling Down
3: Taxman - Mode
4: Taxman - Mega
5: Taxman - Judgement
6: Taxman - Cool It Judy (VIP)
7: Taxman - No More Anthems
8: Taxman - Close Your Eyes
9: Taxman - Rebirth feat. Diane Charlemagne
10: Taxman - Forgiven (Interlude)
11: Taxman - Dayz Without You
12: Taxman - Real in the Field feat. Mondeya
13: Taxman - Your House
14: Taxman - Black Rain
15: Taxman - So Far
16: Taxman - UFO

Includes Exclusive Free Bonus Track
17: Taxman - Channel Zero

Taxman has proven time and again that he can straddle the line between creating big chunky rave smashers and keeping an ear for original music that soaks up a myriad of influences.

The album opens with 'All for Nothing' - a huge, expansive track - the first of two guest contributions from Collective singer Diane Charlemagne (who provided the haunting vocals on Goldie's 'Inner City Life').

Next up 'Falling Down' and 'Mode' bring more familiar cantering pace breakbeats and echoey samples before the previously released and massively supported 'Cool It Judy (VIP)' smashes through with in-your-face attitude, blending hard, high energy beats with a kooky sample from film 'Death Proof'.

'No More Anthems' found its way into guest mixes on 1Xtra earlier this year - and will be instantly recognisable for its 'wasp in the speakers' cheeky vibes, whilst 'Close Your Eyes' is a Kung Fu sample heavy, stabby-synth cut for the early hours.

Diane's second vocal contribution - the coinciding single release 'Rebirth' - is an uplifting and harmonious tune, letting the sun light in on dark clouds. Taxman also brings in the sounds of Gloucester rapper Mondeya (who also worked with Playaz label mates Annix) on 'Real in the Field'.

Of the album, Taxman told Kmag, 'My sound is definitely starting to mature a lot more, I think. It's just a natural progression. It's not just all about nasty bass lines, music needs content and soul and also I'm not restricting myself with one tempo''

Long awaited and carefully crafted, this album pushes the boundaries of dnb to create something equally timeless and visionary.