Tyke - Closed In EP

Tyke - Closed In EP

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1: Tyke & Prestige - Closed In
2: Tyke - You Don't Have to Go
3: Tyke - Bloody Mess
4: Tyke & Prestige - Losing You
5: Tyke - It Came from the Sky
6: Tyke & Prestige - Jah Jah

Includes Exclusive Free Bonus Track
7: Tyke - I Haven't Been Sleeping Well

Playaz's young upstart has kicked off 2014 with a whole host of touring - from Berlin to St Petersburg - and now drops this six track EP in March, featuring a couple of collaborations with Kalingrad homeboy (and former karate champ) Alex Prestige. Fans of Tyke's bass heavy sound, with its quirky musical influences - and his love of analogue gear - will not be disappointed here.

Title track 'Closed In' sees him squaring up with Prestige; two producers showing us what dnb is all about and giving it large with an ode to claustrophobia. Tune kicks off ominously before the beats come crashing into some high energy audio chaos with a vocal sample throughout.

'You Don't Have to Go' has more of a reggae vibe, with a nod to Brixton sound-systems - this is the sure-fire ditty to get a dirty rave fired up and making the transition from the bar to the dancefloor.

'Bloody Mess' smashes it, as you'd expect from the title; it's squelchy, it's nasty, it's bloody genius.

Teaming up with Prestige again on 'Losing You' - label boss Hype has already been airing this one on Kiss - and likewise the grinding 'It Came From the Sky'. Finally the EP rounds off with 'Jah Jah' and Prestige again bringing fast drum rolls and moody beats.