Various Artists - The Flavours EP, Vol. 5

Various Artists - The Flavours EP, Vol. 5

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1: Prolix - Kick Off feat. MC Coppa
2: DJ Devize - Shock Time
3: Legion & Logam - Blackout
4: Rewind - Talk No More
5: Krakota - Analysis Paralysis
6: Harvest - Saturn

Hype and Pascal present Playaz outing 33 - and 2013 is looking to be a championship year.

This EP sees Prolix feat MC Coppa getting things moving with 'Kick Off' - their football anthem for golden boys with golden beats - followed by break beat ace DJ Devize's 'Shock Time' as the EP's midfield general (this track featured on the acclaimed Fabric Live 65 album) flanked up by Legion and Logam's bombing tune 'Blackout' and 'Talk No More' from Rewind - which has been rated by Crissy Criss and Dogs on Acid. Rolling chill out dnb vibes from Krakota with 'Analysis Paralysis' keeping everything winter cool and Brummie based Harvest brings up the rear with the smooth vibes of 'Saturn' gracefully placed in the back of the net.