BassBrothers - Electronic Propa

BassBrothers - Electronic Propa

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1: BassBrothers - Neo Babylon
2: BassBrothers - Ten Pound Shot
3: BassBrothers - In the Ghetto
4: BassBrothers - Dealers
5: BassBrothers - Spiders
6: BassBrothers - It's Right
7: BassBrothers - Electronic Propa
8: BassBrothers - Dancehall Killaz
9: BassBrothers - Upon Di Place
10: BassBrothers - Fashion (VIP)
11: BassBrothers - Monkey Junk

Includes Exclusive Free Bonus Track
12: BassBrothers - Zombies

Hype and Pascal present the new album from Portuguese duo BassBrothers 'Electronic Propa'. Since the days of 'Mr Jungle', these guys have continued to make consistently exciting and groundbreaking sounds, drawing on a whole spectrum of musical influences - from jazz to hip hop - and this album won't disappoint fans.

Dirty opening track 'Neo Babylon' featured in Jam Thieves mix on Hype's show back in and label mates Annix showed support too as they opened their Hype set with the bouncy 'Ten Pound Shot'.

'In the Ghetto' with its distinctive vocal, has been a club favourite for a long while and following this comes 'Dealers' - taking on the law with another strong tune.

If you thought you were getting a break for a sit down and a cuppa, along comes 'Spiders' the spooky homage to 1974 horror flick Madhouse' and then 'It’s Right' is fast paced and chaotic.

'Electronic Propa' is massive, with one fat break you'll have in your head for hours and 'Dancehall Killaz' slays everyone with its big bass. The infectious 'Upon Di Place' has an awesome vocal and you'll be glad to hear 'Fashion VIP' (from 'A Little Mad EP') is on the tracklisting too, rounding up the album before unbelievably groovy final tune 'Monkey Junk'.