The Voss & NC-17 - Show & Tell EP

The Voss & NC-17 - Show & Tell EP

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1: The Voss & NC-17 - Show & Tell
2: The Voss & NC-17 - Melancholy
3: The Voss & NC-17 - Force Majeure
4: The Voss & NC-17 - Sleaze
5: The Voss & NC-17 - Johnny Redux

Includes Exclusive Free Bonus Track
6: The Voss & NC-17 - Hunted

Hype and Pascal present 'Show and Tell EP' from The Voss & NC-17, the latest ace from their New Playaz pack. Toronto based producer NC-17 takes his name from the Canadian film rating system and there's plenty of big, explicit cinematic influences in this EP - which was apparently six months in the making together with California boy The Voss.

Title track 'Show and Tell' is super hard and fast, with the melodic and expansive 'Melancholy' hot on its heels - Hype dropped this with the Ragga Twins a few weeks back. 'Force Majeure' is an avalanche of a tune and 'Sleaze' is just plain filthy.

Finally 'Johnny Redux' rounds off with a tribute to the 80s film noir. 'Show and Tell' is definitely one for the money...