Original Sin - No Limit EP

Original Sin - No Limit EP

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1: Original Sin - No Limit
2: Original Sin - Tetra
3: Original Sin - Get the Fuck Out
4: Original Sin - Killer

Includes Exclusive Free Bonus Track
5: Original Sin - Radical (VIP)

Original Sin's EP's are always something special and this one does not disappoint. As an artist and versatile technical producer he always surprises, he goes evil, he takes risks, he pushes the limits and generally conforms to the term 'original'. One might say he's the Christian Grey of DnB (and if you want to get to know his dark side he's a fan of 'Portlandia' and Funnel Cake...)

'No Limit' is one huge slamming track (described by one fan as 'Mr Happy on steroids') - we predict this track will be everywhere for the rest of 2015. 'Tetra' teases us with some beautiful keys but when this track reaches crescendo it does it big and all over the dance floor... Then 'Get The Fuck Out' with its quirky vocal and game show sample is probably genius and definitely WTF?

And finally, 'Killer Instinct' rounds off this EP: Big tune, floaty synth start and amazing drop - job spanking well done.